Real Time Web Analytics Top 20 of the best recovered disabled animals. A true life lesson.

Top 20 of the best recovered disabled animals. A true life lesson.

Animals are not like humans, and surely not disabled animals. While some humans complain about their situation, animals don’t have the reflex to think about themselves and complain. They simply do with what they have and they enjoy life without asking questions. Here is a top 20 list of the best recovered disabled animals which will surely inspire you and teach you a lesson or two.


Motala 10 years old, lost its paw when she walked on a landmine at the Thailand Burma border.


Nakio is the first dog with 4 prostheses. He lost his 4 legs because of the cold, after being abandoned by its masters while he was still a puppy.


Fuji, 40 years old lost its tail because of an unknown sickness. She has been collected by the Okinawa Aquarium which has taken care of her since then.


Schilidi has been found by a veterinarian on the side of the road. Noticing that it had lost one of its paws, he put a LEGO wheel to replace it so it could move around freely. Actually, it’s working very well!


A poor dog who has been maltreated by mexican traffickers, whom have amputated both front legs of the dog, got back on its “feet” perfectly thanks to “Milagros Caninos” shelter.


Snow, an abandoned dog who got a new life because of its prosthesis.


Winter, the famous dolphin you may have seen in “A dolphin tale”, got its tale ripped off because of a crab trap. It has been treated at the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida and now lives a perfectly balanced life.


Hope, a Yorkshire born with a missing paw, nevertheless has a good life thanks to its prosthesis.


A paralysed cat, hit by a car, is still able to move around with its improvised equipment.


Yu, the 25 years old sea turtle who has been attacked by a shark, but who was immediately saved by a fisherman’s fishing net, got treated at the Kobe Aquarium, giving it a second chance.


Mister Stubbs lost its tail while fighting with other alligators. He surely is the first of its kind.


That lama had a broken leg and it had to be amputated. Fortunately, the couple who collected it offered it a prosthesis. You can now see it scampering throughout their vast land.


That eagle got shot by a hunter. Fortunately, an organisation helped it, preventing it from being euthanized.


Hopa was born without any front leg. An ingenious student built it that wonderful prosthesis.


Oscar was caught by a combine. A veterinarian gave him new customized legs.


A little born disabled pig was adopted by a veterinarian. He is now very happy.


Billy the french bulldog was also born paralysed but now has a very good life with its wheeled rear.


Tzvika was caught by a lawnmower. She has lost the usage of its rear part, but now benefits from wheels attached to its shell.


Another dog born without any front legs has become the official mascot of a brazilian organization that manufactures and distributes prosthesis for animals.


Hero was retrieved with its back legs cut and its tail frozen. It has been saved thanks to 2 prostheses.

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