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About Us

Welcome to ShareNGive!

We are very pleased to have you here, and we hope you will have a lot of fun navigating the website. But there’s one thing you must know: everytime you read a story, you are helping people all around the world.

What?? How can it be??

ShareNGive is the NEW way of giving back. You want to give back for free? Follow these 3 simple steps.

READ: Read the stories. Laugh, cry, be shocked! Whenever a tear of joy or sadness from our stories is shed, know that someone in the world is being helped!

SHARE: Everytime you share, you help us help others. So share, share, SHARE! Share the news! Share the stories! Share the joy and the awesomeness of the stories! The more you share, the more we give back to charity! It’s as simple as that! Together, we can make a difference!

GIVE BACK: For every dollar of profit we generate, 0,10$ will go to Charity. But, we can’t do anything without you. This is why YOU are giving back.

Why? Because we are selfish. Giving back is the most precious gift you can give to yourself and we love it so much. We would like to be able to do it more and more!

Why 10%? Because we believe that 10% is the ideal ratio so you don’t ruin yourself and you may help a lot more than what you believed you could do. In 2012, the average percentage of the expenses spent on gifts (any kind of gift, not only to charity) and charity was of 3.3% in the United States and in Canada*. We believe that if anyone was able to push it up to 10%, or even only 5%, the world would be a very different place.

Which organisations are you helping? Please take a look at our Charity section for these details. If you would like to suggest an organisation, or even someone you would like to help that deserves it, write to us at with all the details about the organisation or the person you would like to help and we will evaluate your request. If you would like make a donation, you can donate here (note that all donations will be spent toward charity projects developed by ShareNGive. If you want to donate to a particular organisation, we would request you to give it to them directly.)

Thank you for everything, from everyone.

ShareNGive Team

*Average value of both countries statistics.